Brotform Proofing Baskets

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Brotform Proofing Baskets

Model: Banneton Brotform
Certification: EEC, CE/EU, SGS, CIQ, LFGB, FDA

cm in
S 11x6cm 4.4"x2.4"
M 13X6cm 5.1"x2.4"
L 16x6cm 6.3"x2.4"
XL 18x9cm 7.1"x3.5"
XXL 20x8cm 7.9"x3.1"
3XL 21x7cm 8.3"x2.8"
4XL 22x8cm 8.7"x3.1"
5XL 23x8.5cm 9.1"x3.3"
6XL 25x8.5cm 9.8"x3.3"
7XL 30x8cm 11.8"x3.1"


cm in
S 15x8x5cm 5.9"x3.1"x2"
M 17x12x6cm 6.7"x4.7"x2.4"
L 21x14x8cm 8.3"x5.5"x3.1"
XL 25x15x8cm 9.8"x5.9"x3.1"
XXL 28x14x8cm 11"x5.5"x3.1"
3XL 30x14x7cm 11.8"x5.5"x2.8"
4XL 34x15x7cm 13.4"x5.9"x2.8"
5XL 36.5x16x7cm 14.4"x6.3"x2.8"
6XL 45x19x8cm 17.7"x7.5"x3.1"


cm in
S 16x16x6cm 6.3"x2.4"
M 20x20x6cm 7.9"x2.4"
L 23x23x8cm 9.1"x2.4"


cm in
S 34x10x5.5cm 13.4"x3.9"x2.2"
M 43x9x5.5cm 16.9"x3.5"x2.2"
L 54.5x11.5x7.5 cm 21.5"x4.5"x3"


cm in
S 22x8cm or 8.7"x3.1"
M 29x6.5cm or 11.4"x2.6"

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